Adjustable Piping Support
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Roof Top Blox Advantages

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Compact & Lightweight

Contractor-friendly 8-pack tote is easy to transport

Easy to transport


Heavy-Duty Load-Bearing Design

Molded with UV-resistant resin to withstand the elements!

Heavy duty

Better by construction. Better by design! Rooftop Pipe Support

Pipe Saddle Design

Pipe Saddle Design

Notched saddle-top for orderly piping alignment. Top trough aligns and cradles slotted steel strut channel for strut clamping systems and heavier loads.

Reinforced Screw Starter Guides

Screw Starter Guides

Indents allow for fast screw location for attaching clamps and straps. Internal structure increases screw-thread grip for added strength.

Install-from-top Engineering

Top Install

Easy installation and convenient height adjustment feature using  3/8" and 1/2" threaded rods allow all accessories to be completely installed and adjusted from just the top side.

Stable Design

Stable Design

Wide footprint for balanced weight distribution. Interlocking tabs allow end-to-end connection for wide applications including support for walkways and mechanical platforms.

Height Extension Accessory (XTB-02)

Extension Kit

Polypropylene height extender features pipe saddle-top design. Mount directly to Blox for 6" piping height requirements or elevate using 1/2" threaded rods.

Securing Brackets Accessory (SCB-07)

RTB Bracket

Pair of polycarbonate brackets provide anchoring to help withstand wind, water, and snow loads. Brackets mechanically lock onto Blox and permanently bond to roofing using M-1 adhesive.

Protective Padded Base

Padded Base

High-density type 4 closed cell structural foam base cushions load to protect commercial roof membrane.

On-board Pipe Strap

Pipe Strap

Every Blox unit includes an on-board, galvanized clamping strap for fast convenient securing of pipes up to 2" diameter.