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Roof Top Blox Products for Rooftop Piping Support

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  • Roof Top Blox Advantages

    Better by construction. Better by design!
    Compact & Lightweight - Contractor-friendly 8-pack tote is easy to transport, Heavy-Duty Load-Bearing Design Molded with UV-resistant resin to withstand the elements!
  • Product Specifications

    Suggested Engineering Specification
    Roof top support blocks for gas piping, plumbing, HVAC, conduit, cable tray, and mechanical equipment shall be Roof Top Blox TM (RTB-01).

  • Application Configurations

    Application configurations and accessories
    Roof support application configurations using Roof Top Blox and accessories.

  • Testing Certifications

    A better roof top support block system
    To ensure product durability and customer satisfaction, Roof Top Blox have completed stringent laboratory testing through PRI Construction Materials Technologies.
  • Installation Instructions

    Installation instruction guides using Accessories
    Roof Top Blox has been engineered for universal roof top support applications. These instruction guides are mostly pictorial to demonstrate different methods and options of applications.
  • Document Downloads

    Downloadable Literature and Support Documents
    Specifying Roof Top Blox is a smarter choice–and with the engineered options we provide, an easier choice as well.