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Roof Top Blox Product Specifications

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Suggested Engineering Specification

Roof top support blocks for gas piping, plumbing, HVAC, conduit, cable tray, and mechanical equipment shall be Roof Top Blox TM (RTB-01). The support blocks must be designed to eliminate roof penetrations, flashings or damage to roofing membrane. Support body shall be made of recycled UV-resistant Polypropylene Copolymer. Base platform material shall be 1" thick, 25psi, type 4 closed cell structural foam to distribute and evenly cushion loads. Support top surface shall have molded in pipe organizing saddles and strut mounting cradle. The top surface shall also have screw guide indents and engineered internal screw thread gripping feature. Block must accept 3/8" and 1/2" threaded rod (ROD-03) using side entry nut slots to allow fast top side assembly and piping height adjustments. Aluminum rollers (ROL-05 or ROL-06) shall be installed on long piping runs. Securing brackets (SBC-07) and adhesive (ADH-12) recommended for permanently securing Blox into its final installed position, anchoring against wind, rain and snow loads.

Roof Top Blox Product Specifications

Roof Top Blox Specifications

Body Material

Black UV stabilized Polypropylene Copolymer .100 to .135" wall thickness.

Base Material

1" thick by 25psi, Type 4 closed cell structural foam.

Dimensions & Weight

8-7/8" square by 4-1/2" high, height extension accessory adds 1-1/2" for 6" height requirements, Blox can be interlocked end to end for wide multi-piping platforms. Weight: 1lb per Blox

Load Bearing

Max load per Blox—Single Point Load: 250lbs./113 kg—Dual Point or Strut-Mounted Load: 350lbs./158 kg. Apply STR-04 slotted steel strut channel under heavy loads over 250lbs.


Space Blox approximately every 7 feet along all piping.

Pipe Fastening

Screw indents guide fastening screws into special internal engineered thread gripping feature. #10 sheet metal screws recommended. Blox supplied with an on board perforated galvanized quick clamping strap for up to 2" pipe. Top surface easily adapts to all types of piping clamps, clips, slotted steel strut and 3/8" or 1/2" threaded rod. All pipe fastening and height adjustments done from top side only.


1-1/2" Polypropylene top height extender, 10" slotted steel strut, 12" threaded rod, pipe rollers, securing brackets, M-1 adhesive, and primer for M-1 adhesive.


Twenty years Roof Top Blox replacement against manufacturer's defects.


Blox engineered to install on flat roof surfaces for supporting gas, condensate or refrigeration lines, electrical conduits, ductwork or roof top walkways and mechanical equipment. Rated for temperatures up to 200ºF/93ºC.